IIDj , Institute for Information Design Japan

We have followed the developments surrounding the coronavirus since the very early beginnings in February 2020.

Our call for verifiable and usable data to be made available to the public and authorities at all levels in a format that allows risk assessment and appropriate decision-making went unheard.

These serious shortcomings were all the more unacceptable, given that the monopoly of apparent authority was only consolidated by the unprecedented synchronized referencing of global mainstream media, leading to significant misinterpretations and far-reaching measures that severely affected most of the people on Earth.

Although we strongly deplored these consistent inadequacy of data and the glaring lack of scientifically responsible communication by universities, government institutions, and the media - worldwide - we engaged in providing 2D and 3D visualizations that we attempted to contextualize as much as the available data allowed.

Late in 2020 we stopped publishing.

Necessary investigations must move beyond short-term concerns and anxieties, not being distracted by urgency or authority

Every suggestion is welcome!

IIDj , Institute for Information Design Japan, 2021