CoronaVirus-Navigator Charts

These weekly updated charts should contribute to a better understanding of the CoronaVirus development at different locations.

The data used, published by Johns Hopkins CSSE of the United States, do not allow appropriate contextualization - the number of tests performed, and other relevant factors such as demographic profiles are not given.

The number of deaths may include anyone infected with the CoronaVirus – the disease, COVID-19, may not have been the cause in every case.

The charts are sorted in descending order according to the proportion of deaths in the respective total population.

As the number of absolute deaths over past years in specific populations is, for now, the only verifiable means to assess the relevance of the far-reaching measures taken by governments, we produce selected Mortality Charts for the USA and Germany

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IIDj , Institute for Information Design Japan

Having followed the developments surrounding the coronavirus for more than six months, we cannot help but regret the continuing inadequacy and blatant lack of scientifically responsible communication:
Data provided by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at John Hopkins University, USA, is given without contextualization – making the seemingly accurate information irrelevant and useless.

We expect CSSE, the most exposed of all academic institutions concerned with Corona Virus communications, to provide the general public and authorities at all levels with verifiable and usable data in a format that allows risk-assessment and appropriate decision-making.

These serious shortcomings are all the more unacceptable, given that the monopoly of apparent authority has only been consolidated by the unprecedented synchronized referencing of global lead-media in recent months, leading to significant misinterpretations and far-reaching measures that have severely affected most people on earth.

What we demand:

Every suggestion is welcome - we strive to adapt our presentations accordingly!

IIDj , Institute for Information Design Japan, 2020/08